My main research agenda deals with the economics of social networks. On the theory side, I build models of learning, coordination and cooperation within social networks. I am particularly interested in how social networks can generate trust. In joint work with my coauthors  Adam Szeidl, Tanya Rosenblat, Attila Ambrus and Dean Karlan we developed the social collateral approach to social capital which provides a tractable framework to think about repeated games in social networks. We created a dedicated website which lists our relevant research papers as well as software:

The Social Collateral Approach to Social Capital

On the empirical side, I use a combination of lab and field experiments with real social networks to estimate these models. In a second line of research I have explored the impact of non-resume variables like confidence and physical attractiveness in the labor market. Recently, I have also become interested in using browsing data to analyze the economics of online news consumption.