BibORB 2014 with Google OAuth 2.0

BibORB is a PHP app that allows you to administer your BibTEX references online. It makes it easy to share references with coauthors and to jointly build a BibTEX database. 

This a project with GNU General Public License 3.0.  It was developed by Guillaume Gardey around 2004. This is a fork from Gardey's last public version 1.3.3 with the following changes:

  • The program runs under PHP 5.3+
  • The default login now uses Google OAuth2.0 - you can get a free key from the Google cloud console (see installation instructions...
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LouvainSharp - Fast Louvain Method of Community Detection in C#

Blondel et al. invented the very popular "Louvain method" for community detection [1]. This library implements their algorithm in C#. Moreover, the library is parallelized using plinq to maximize speed.

LouvainSharp on GitHub

The use of the library is illustrated with the help of a test project. The library also allows construction of the full dendogram.

[1] V.D. Blondel, J.-L. Guillaume, R. Lambiotte, E. Lefebvre. "Fast unfolding of communities in large networks." J. Stat. Mech.,...

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The Wikiprep# program is completely written in C# and based on .Net 4.0 . It processes Wikipedia dumps which are available here:

It replicates the functionality of the wikiprep project that was originated by Evgeniy Gabrilovich although the output files have a different format.

The program can be found on Github and is licensed under Apache 2.0:


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